Celebrating the 1st year in Korea with Wedding 21 Magazine Photoshoot

August 27th, 2014

Youngsong Martin with Nisie Vorachard setting up a gorgeous romantic tablescape for Magazine 21 – Korea

This month marks the first year anniversary of Wildflower Linen Korea!  What better way to celebrate then by traveling over there to do one of Youngsong’s designer photoshoots styled for Korea’s no. 1 wedding magazine, Wedding 21 and then living it up at a surprise party afterwards!

Youngsong brought her good friend and amazing florist, Nisie Vorachard from Nisie’s Enchanted Florists to create her vision of a romantic tablescape enveloped in lush orchids and soft colored florals.  We also introduced our new chair sleeves, the Milano Silver Cap with Tulle and Rose Belt!  See the article and gorgeous photos below.

Wedding_21_Magazine_CoverWedding_21_Wildflower_linen_feature Wedding_21_Wildflower_linen_feature

From the setup to the final shoot, the team worked hard to create the perfect tablescape.  We kept the table linen crisp and clean in order to showcase the chair covers and florals.  It is nice to have elements in the décor that is just the “cheerleaders” once in a while.  These are the items that compliment and support the main focal point; otherwise, there may be too many things competing with one another and the overall vision can get lost.  Nisie noticed how gorgeous and vibrant the colors of the florals are in Korea.  They are more wildly grown and tend to appear more lush and rich in form during the green season.  We wanted to make sure her florals were a huge focal point of the shoot.  Then, as your eyes gradually lower, you see the classic clean beauty of the table decor followed by the more elaborate and whimsical eye catching chair sleeves.

Wildflower_Linen_Wedding_21_Magazine_Tablescape Wildflower_Linen_Wedding_21_Magazine_Tablescapeg_details Wildflower_Linen_Wedding_21_Magazine_Tablescapeg_chair_covers

We are so excited to showcase one of our new chair covers, the Milano Silver Cap with Tulle and Rose Belt. Layers of soft grey colored tulle is dressed with the Milano Silver fabric created into a cap to cover the top of the chair.  It’s finished off by one of our new Rose Belts; a thick band and silk fabric shaped into a rosette which comes in a variety of colors.  You can find this and other NEW chair covers on the Wildflower Linen website!



Although Youngsong thought she would be celebrating the 1st year anniversary of Wildflower Linen Korea with just a few friends, instead a surprise party honoring her ensued!  This private party was jammed packed with big celebrities including fashion designers Mag & Logan as well as high profile guests including editor in chief of magazines, hotel directors and friends that traveled from Indonesia.   The event also showcased the gorgeous tablescape from the photoshoot for all the guest to see.

Wildflower_Linen_Wedding_21_Magazine_inside_tablescape_party4 Wildflower_Linen_Wedding_21_Magazine_inside_party Wildflower_Linen_Wedding_21_Magazine_inside_tablescape_party3 Wildflower_Linen_Wedding_21_Magazine_inside_tablescape_party2 Wildflower_Linen_Wedding_21_Magazine_inside_tablescape_party1 Wildflower_Linen_Wedding_21_Magazine_inside_tablescape_party

Some of Wildflower Linen Korea’s events this past year included designing the Sidus HQ afterparty for the Busan International Film Festival, overseeing the Mag & Logan’s Runway show during Korea’s Fashion Week, creating events at the prestigious Jeju Island Hotel, Lotte and the Hilton, and even assisting in celebrity fashion shoots!

“What a fabulous week we shared in Korea and with such a fabulous accomplishment to celebrate! We are so proud of our Wildflower Linen Korea Team and appreciate all those that have worked with us this first year!  We look forward to many more years of creating beautiful events to come!” – Youngsong Martin.


SPOTLIGHT OF THE WEEK:  Nisie’s Enchanted Florist


Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Feature – Royal Blue Romance

August 4th, 2014

Grace Ormonde Feature - Royal Blue RomanceGrace Ormonde Feature - Royal Blue Romance pg2

We are in love with the colors of this Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Feature – Royal Blue Romance.   Designed by Alissa Hussey from David Tutera, the vibrant colors of the royal blue crushed velvet table linens and magenta florals  give a regal yet classic romance feel.  These bold elements along with gold table décor accents were a perfect pairing.  A 4ft chandelier created from thousands of beaded crystals and covered in hydrangeas and orchids added as the focal point to the tablescape.   The Yodsukars photography, who also did the lighting for the shoot, was able to captures these vivid elements in their true color.

Wildflower_Linen_Grace_Ormonde_Royal_Blue_Yodsukars_tablescape3 Wildflower_Linen_Grace_Ormonde_Royal_Blue_Yodsukars_blue_velvet_Linens Wildflower_Linen_Grace_Ormonde_Royal_Blue_Yodsukars_floral_details Wildflower_Linen_Grace_Ormonde_Royal_Blue_Yodsukars_crushed_velvet_royal_blue_linen Wildflower_Linen_Grace_Ormonde_Royal_Blue_Yodsukars_cake_favors Wildflower_Linen_Grace_Ormonde_Royal_Blue_Yodsukars_menu_card Wildflower_Linen_Grace_Ormonde_Royal_Blue_Yodsukars_print_items Wildflower_Linen_Grace_Ormonde_Royal_Blue_Yodsukars_gold_lotus_napkin_ringWildflower_Linen_Grace_Ormonde_Royal_Blue_Yodsukars_Diana_Stardust_Chair_Covers Wildflower_Linen_Grace_Ormonde_Royal_Blue_Yodsukars_diana_rhinestone_backingWildflower_Linen_Grace_Ormonde_Royal_Blue_Yodsukars_floral_chandlier_centerpiece Wildflower_Linen_Grace_Ormonde_Royal_Blue_Yodsukars_Floral_Chandlier Wildflower_Linen_Grace_Ormonde_Royal_Blue_Yodsukars_photoshoot


GET THIS LOOK from Wildflower Linen:


From Left to Right: Crushed Velvet Royal Blue (used for table linens), Iridescent Taffeta Eggplant (used for napkins)

Lotus Gold Napkin Ring, Iridescent Taffeta Stardust Diana Chair Cover with Rhinestone backing.



Location: The Legendary Park Plaza Hotel

Event Planner & Designer: Alissa Hussey of David Tutera

Photography and Lighting: The Yodsukars

Table Linen and Chair Cover Rentals: Wildflower Linen

Rentals: Hire Elegance & Classic Party Rentals

Silverware and Settings: Dish Wish

Cake: A Wish and A Whisk

Invitations: Atelier Isabey


Pink Ruffles and Butterflies Baby Shower

July 22nd, 2014

Although  over the top weddings are what we’re known for, we couldn’t resist sharing this pink ruffles and butterflies baby shower filled with delightful goodies including bird cages, hanging lanterns, dangling pearls and more! From the lavished tablescape décor and gorgeous florals to the decadent desserts and artfully decorated cake, this adorable baby shower is such a sweet treat… “oh baby” is right!

Wildflower_linen_Dessart_Designs_Slickforce_Studio Dessert Table 2

DessArt Designs came up with the gorgeous overall look for the event so we asked Liza from their company to describe the inspiration and style: Our client wanted it to be very girly and opulent, so we used lots of pearls and bling as well as butterflies for a whimsical feel. We also used these same elements to custom design one of our well known signature dessert tables for our client. We used crystals and pearl accents and chiffon embellishments to add a chic touch. 

Wildflower_linen_Dessart_Designs_Slickforce_Studio 3 Wildflower_linen_Dessart_Designs_Slickforce_Studio 8 Wildflower_linen_Dessart_Designs_Slickforce_Studio curly willow chair sleeve

Wildflower Linen created custom curly willow collection ruffles chair sleeve cover for the event in soft hues of pinks and blush that were embellished with pearls and butterflies.  They paired this with rich matte satin baby pink linens.  To complete the look, we created the same curly willow ruffles in a full table linen for the super sweet dessert table.

Wildflower_linen_Dessart_Designs_Slickforce_Studio Dessert TableWildflower_linen_Dessart_Designs_Slickforce_Studio1 9 Wildflower_linen_Dessart_Designs_Slickforce_Studio MenuWildflower_linen_Dessart_Designs_Slickforce_Studio florals with branches and butterflies 1Wildflower_linen_Dessart_Designs_Slickforce_Studio Floral branches and butterflies Wildflower_linen_Dessart_Designs_Slickforce_Studio Birdcage FavorWildflower_linen_Dessart_Designs_Slickforce_Studio 2 Wildflower_linen_Dessart_Designs_Slickforce_Studio pink royal cake Wildflower_linen_Dessart_Designs_Slickforce_Studio pink royal cake 1 Wildflower_linen_Dessart_Designs_Slickforce_Studio MacaroonsWildflower_linen_Dessart_Designs_Slickforce_Studio cupcakes


Event Planner/Designer – DessArt Designs
Venue – Montage Hotel
Photographer –  Slickforce Studio
Table Linen & Chair Cover Rentals – Wildflower Linen
Florist – Hidden Garden
Rentals – A Packaged Parties
Mini Desserts Favors – The French Confection Company
Gourmet Caramel Apples Mini Desserts –  Roni Sugar Creations

Party at HBO’s Entourage House – Toberman Estates

July 11th, 2014

A dinner set for 50 turned into an epic Great Gatsby style soiree for over 200 at Youngsong’s private party at HBO’s Entourage House – Toberman Estates.  Set in the heart of Hollywood Hills, this iconic location set the backdrop to one of this year’s most talked about parties. Hosted by Youngsong Martin, owner and CEO of Wildflower Linen, she along with the owners of Toberman Estates, ChefDance set forth to entertain their closest friends along with debuting the works of Natalia Jung of Grand Éclair who will be the exclusive in-house floral designer for the estate.

Wildflower Linen Toberman Estates Gene Higa Photography 7

Youngsong designed the entire event with its theme title in mind: “Hollywood Then & Now“.  She wanted to show the sophistication and glamour of the past but also incorporate today’s hot trend for vibrant colors, textures and styles.  The design elements included: a unique and clever table configuration for guest to co-mingle comfortably, a gorgeous tablescape that included vibrant peacock teal and blue linens featuring new chair cover styles in rich jewel tones and lush pauve of florals that also included ten foot tall floral centerpieces!

Gorgeous photos taken by the talented Gene Higa truly captured the brilliant and bold colors displayed in the décor.

Wildflower Linen Toberman Estates Gene Higa Photography 1 - CopyWildflower Linen Toberman Estates Gene Higa Photography 10 Wildflower Linen Toberman Estates Gene Higa Photography 9 Wildflower Linen Toberman Estates Gene Higa Photography 6

“Lighting was also key in creating the overall feel and look of the event so we used dozens of candles and votives in varying styles on the tables, pinspot the florals and uplit the walls and background trees with amber and emerald  and sapphire lighting” says Youngsong.

Wildflower Linen Toberman Estates lightingWildflower Linen Toberman Estate Night LightWildflower Linen Toberman Estate


About C.E. Toberman Estate

For the first time, VIP and select guests were invited to a rare and exciting inside glimpse to one of the most beautiful and glamorous homes in Hollywood, the C.E. Toberman estate.


Built in 1922 and featured on the cover of the first-ever edition of Architectural Digest, this show-stopping property appeared in numerous films, most recently as the “the hip ‘trophy'” house of Vincent Chase on the first two seasons of HBO‘s Entourage and the later sixth season.  As the former home of the legendary real estate developer behind other such notable landmarks such as the Hollywood Bowl, the Chinese Theatre, The Rooservelt Hotel and the Egyptian Theatre, this estate was the crown jewel in the empire of Charles Toberman, “The Father of Hollywood”.

Entourage-Movie-could-be-hitting-the-big-screenentourage castvinny-chase-s-house-used

C. E. Toberman hired architects Russell & Alpaugh to design his Mission Revival and Spanish Colonial Revival style dream house, which took two years to build and was completed in 1924.  The estate, built on a 2-acre lot, includes a 19-room, 9,800-square-foot main house, a 1,809-square-foot guest apartment and garage, and a separate natatorium with a 30 by 50-foot tiled pool with cabanas under skylights.  The main house has eight fireplaces, a butler’s pantry and cut-crystal doorknobs. Toberman, who lived to be 101 years old, recalled in a 1981 interview that the estate became “practically a country club” with its enclosed swimming pool, tennis courts, a nine-hole pitch-and-putt golf course, and formal gardens.

Grand Eclair, Youngsong Martin & ChefDance

The Ladies of the Evening: Natalie Jung of Grand Éclair, Host Youngsong Martin of Wildflower Linen and Mimi Griswold of ChefDance

chefdance logo-300x77 About ChefDance:

Owners of the C.E Toberman Estates in Hollywood Hills, Mimi and Kenny Griswold created ChefDance 11 years ago as formal dinner get-together for family and friends.  It was a one-of-a-kind, 5 night, culinary extravaganza occurring at the same time as the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.  With repeated requests to throw these dinners all year round, the company took off without a hitch and include many celebrity clientele.  Today, ChefDance has grown into an outlet to help others discover new ways to enjoy dining with friends and family from people all over the world.

Wildflower Linen Toberman Estates Gene Higa Photography 4Wildflower Linen Toberman Estates Gene Higa Photography 5

Grand Eclair logo  About Grand Éclair:

Grand Éclair is event production company focused around floral designs and artistic collaborations with up and coming designers from various industries. Natalia Jung, Design Director of Grand Eclair , is an entrepreneur, artist, designer and style–setter.  Natalia respectfully comes from the luxury hotel & resort industry and has worked with  flower arrangements on the set of ‘Gossip Girl’, New York Fashion Week, Saks Fifth Ave department store, the flagship Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs as well as private parties in NYC.  Her designs are based on classical London styles combined with a luxury New York edge and tailor-made with meticulous attention.

Grand Eclair Wildflower Linen Toberman Estates Gene Higa PhotographyGrand EclairWildflower Linen Toberman Estates Gene Higa Photography


Designer_WFL_logo - Copy About Wildflower Linen:

Wildflower Linen is the leader in designer table linen and chair cover rentals. In 2001, founder Youngsong Martin, formerly an internationally known fashion designer and marketer of high-style women’s apparel, launched Wildflower Linen in Southern California. Her full-service rental company has since redefined the special-event linen field in terms of style, glamour and customer service while becoming a prestigious provider to clients nationwide and abroad. In addition to lavish weddings and large-scale banquets, Wildflower Linen products have been featured at the Governor’s Ball Oscar Party, Vanity Fair after-parties, aboard charter yachts, numerous Presidential White House events and at many noted resorts & country clubs. Wildflower Linen is also home to the official linens as seen in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1. Our extensive inventory of fashion-forward and traditional styles is now available for purchase, ideal for any special occasion or for everyday home decor.

Youngsong Martin, Owner and CEO of Wildflower Linen

Youngsong Martin, Owner and CEO of Wildflower Linen

Till the next soiree…


Design Concept and Host: Youngsong Martin of Wildflower Linen

Venue: C.E. Toberman Estate: ChefDance

Floral Design: Grand Éclair

Table Linen and Chair Cover Rentals: Wildflower Linen

Coordinator: LVL Events

Rentals: Town & Country Rentals

Lighting: G2

Catering: Cory Martin Events

Photography: Gene Higa Photography

Entertainment:  Tim Laughlin – Live Jazz, DJ Cool Whip,

Step and Repeat:  MK Magnets





Celebrity Wedding – R&B Divas Hawaii Wedding

June 30th, 2014

Congratulations to Monifah Carter and Terez Thorpe’s R&B Divas Hawaii Wedding which is also known as a monumental milestone for LGBTQ.  With the recent legalization of Same Sex marriages in the State of Hawaii, this wedding is even more meaningful being the first ever African American Same Sex wedding couple televised in the US.  The wedding was produced entirely on the island on Oahu, Hawaii.  Additional features about this monumental day were noted in CNN, Essence, Ebony, GayWeddings.com and Popsugar!

Monifah Carter, who stars on the reality TV series R&B Divas, wed her girlfriend, Terez Thorpe on TV One.  Wedding producer Brit Bertino of Brit Bertino, Event Excellence along side planner/florist  Carolee Higashino of White Orchid Wedding designed the tropical affair, creating a “beautiful and meaningful, music-filled wedding.”  The beautiful images below were captured by Frank Amodo Photography.


“Their stunning celebration included a custom bridge built over a pool for Monifah’s entrance and over 4,000 stemmed ombré orchids placed over a driftwood canopy, accented by delicate petals lining the aisle.” states Brit regarding some glamorous details of the wedding.

Wildflower-Linen-Monifah-and-Terez-Wedding-Frank-Amodo-Photography1Wildflower-Linen-Monifah-and-Terez-Wedding-Frank-Amodo-Photography31 Wildflower-Linen-Monifah-and-Terez-Wedding-Frank-Amodo-Photography10Wildflower-Linen-Monifah-and-Terez-Wedding-Frank-Amodo-Photography23Wildflower-Linen-Monifah-and-Terez-Wedding-Frank-Amodo-Photography24Wildflower-Linen-Monifah-and-Terez-Wedding-Frank-Amodo-Photography30Wildflower-Linen-Monifah-and-Terez-Wedding-Frank-Amodo-Photography127Wildflower-Linen-Monifah-and-Terez-Wedding-Frank-Amodo-Photography32

More Details from Brit Bertino:

Inspiration and Design

“We drew inspiration for the design of the event from Monifah’s engagement ring, an amethyst stone. The color allowed us to bring in some natural earth elements, and to incorporate nautical touches, as both brides wanted an earthy feel to the overall design. We carried the ombré concept through the stationery, linens, cakes, signature drink, and florals, and the result was as unique as the beautiful couple themselves.

Wildflower-Linen-Monifah-and-Terez-Wedding-Frank-Amodo-Photography22Wildflower-Linen-Monifah-and-Terez-Wedding-Frank-Amodo-Photography21Wildflower-Linen-Monifah-and-Terez-Wedding-Frank-Amodo-Photography12Wildflower-Linen-Monifah-and-Terez-Wedding-Frank-Amodo-Photography2 Wildflower-Linen-Monifah-and-Terez-Wedding-Frank-Amodo-Photography6 Wildflower-Linen-Monifah-and-Terez-Wedding-Frank-Amodo-Photography7 Wildflower-Linen-Monifah-and-Terez-Wedding-Frank-Amodo-Photography4 Wildflower-Linen-Monifah-and-Terez-Wedding-Frank-Amodo-Photography8

Wildflower Linen’s amethyst table linens and signature ruffled Juliet chair sleeve covers along with White Orchid Wedding’s florals were the perfect addition to their decadent affair.

“Music was another one of the most important elements. Mahi performed during the ceremony, as did Rahsaan Patterson. Other close friends performed at the reception, including Keke Wyatt and Syleena Johnson. DJ Spark, also a friend of the couple, presided over the reception festivities.”

“Another special feature of the wedding was the ‘Fat Snack’ table, which Terez simply had to have. The sweets included vegan, gluten-free peanut butter cookies made specially for her by the chef. Vegan diets were taken into consideration when planning dinner entrées selections, as well.

Wildflower-Linen-Monifah-and-Terez-Wedding-Frank-Amodo-Photography18 Wildflower-Linen-Monifah-and-Terez-Wedding-Frank-Amodo-Photography14 Wildflower-Linen-Monifah-and-Terez-Wedding-Frank-Amodo-Photography15 Wildflower-Linen-Monifah-and-Terez-Wedding-Frank-Amodo-Photography16Wildflower-Linen-Monifah-and-Terez-Wedding-Frank-Amodo-Photography9 Wildflower-Linen-Monifah-and-Terez-Wedding-Frank-Amodo-Photography20Wildflower-Linen-Monifah-and-Terez-Wedding-Frank-Amodo-Photography19 Wildflower-Linen-Monifah-and-Terez-Wedding-Frank-Amodo-Photography17

“In lieu of a traditional guest book, Terez and Monifah asked their honored guests to write down their best wishes and advice for the couple at the ‘Keys to Success’ table on how to keep and maintain a successful marriage throughout the years.”




Wedding Producer: Brit Bertino of Brit Bertino, Event Excellence

Photographer: Frank Amodo Photography

Ceremony/Reception: The Modern Honolulu

Decor/Floral: Teresa Sena Designs and White Orchid Weddings

Linen: Wildflower Linen

Cake: Cake Works

DJ: DJ Spark

Invitations: Paper and Home

Entertainment: MRS-Events

Audio Visual: PSAV

Hair: Derek J

Makeup: Reign Brice

Officiate: Dr. Allyson Abrams



Hello to Summer Weddings with Vibrant Yellow Floral

June 11th, 2014

Just as Olaf the adorable snowman from Frozen can’t wait to experience Summer, we are excited for it’s arrival as well!  And what better way to say hello to summer weddings than with vibrant bright and cheerful yellow florals.


Aired on WeTv, this lovely wedding photographed by the super talented  Mike Colon, was designed and coordinated by our dear friend and celebrity planner, Diann Valentine.  With the help of floral designers from Tic-Tock Couture Florals and  1-800-FLOWERS, thousands of beautiful and vibrant yellow florals were used to create luscious centerpieces, a gorgeous fountain arrangement and even florals covering lounge furniture!  Hundreds of candles were used to finish the romantic décor.

wildflower_linen_tictocfloral_headtable wildflower_linen_tictocfloral_fountain_flowers_2 wildflower_linen_tictocfloral_platinum_silver_table_linens

Our Wildflower Linen décor included some fabulous silver patterned table linens, a burlap with tulle and ivory floral head table linen and the use of curly willow yellow accent ties as chair treatments.  Don’t miss the “GET THIS LOOK” area below to view our linens used for this summer wedding!


The menu and placecards were so elegant and were made by the Diann Valentine Wedding Stationary Collection.

wildflower_linen_tictocfloral_centerpiece_flowerswildflower_linen_tictocfloral_centerpiece wildflower_linen_tictocfloral_3 wildflower_linen_tictocfloral_fountain_flowers_3 wildflower_linen_tictocfloral_fountain_flowers_1 wildflower_linen_tictocfloral_candy_bar_1 wildflower_linen_tictocfloral_candy_bar

Diann and Celebrations.com designed an amazing Candyland Lounge for the reception that was pure eye candy.


Floral Design: tic-tock Couture Florals
Flowers provided by: 1-800-FLOWERS
Event Designer and Coordinator: Diann Valentine and Celebrations.com
Photography: Mike Colon
Invitations and Placecards: Diann Valentine Wedding Stationary Collection
Linens: Wildflower Linen
Dresses: R-Mine Bridal




Headtable and Accent Tables: Sara Burlap with Ivory Floral Table Linen (burlap linen layered with a light shimmery tulle and ivory gardenia floral accents)

Chair and Décor Accent: Curly Willow Accent Ties in Yellow (Curly Willow Collection come in various colors and styles including full chair covers, chair sleeves, and custom table linens)

Guest Table Linens: Carrington Platinum Table Linen (A contemporary swirl like patterned table linens with hints of silver, navy and grey)

Additional Table and Napkins: Matte Satin Heather Grey or Silver Linens


Recent Luxe Wedding Event designed and coordinated with Diann Valentine, Nikki Khan and Youngsong Martin.


Luxe Wedding Event with Celebrity Designer, Diann Valentine, Nikki Khan and Designer and CEO of Wildflower Linen, Youngsong Martin


Indian Wedding Inspiration Featured in Today’s Bride

May 28th, 2014

Today, we are celebrating colorful, bold and opulent wedding décor design inspired by the Far East.   Featured in Today’s Bride,  San Francisco Bay Area’s leading wedding magazine, this Indian Wedding Inspiration Shoot from Mira Events and Design  has the perfect touch of east meets west design with traditional vibrant colors, bold décor accents and then adding in modern “western” elements. Cover Today's Bride Today's Bride Pg 1 Today's Bride Pg 2

The gorgeous images below from Karl Ko Photography shows the beauty and vibrant colors in the table linens, chair covers and floral accents. Here is an excerpt from Miranda of Mira Events and Design (formally Divine Affairs Event Design):

Rise and shine, my beautiful Maharanis! I’ve got a blooming batch of wedding bliss for you today as Karl Ko Photography showcases the fine skills of Beauty Mark Ink  and Divine Affairs Event Design at this darling inspiration shoot!  Couples with varying looks of luxury flash their pearly whites and show off some seriously sweet wedding styles! From opulent tablescape décor to timeless fashion with bold and bright accents, this Indian Wedding Inspirational Shoot definitely worth trending!

Wildflower_Linen_Divine_Affairs_Karl_Ko_Photography 275 Wildflower_Linen_Divine_Affairs_Karl_Ko_Photography 0273 Wildflower_Linen_Divine_Affairs_Karl_Ko_Photography 274Wildflower_Linen_Divine_Affairs_Karl_Ko_Photography 0271 Wildflower_Linen_Divine_Affairs_Karl_Ko_Photography 269Wildflower_Linen_Divine_Affairs_Karl_Ko_Photography 270Wildflower_Linen_Divine_Affairs_Karl_Ko_Photography 436Wildflower_Linen_Divine_Affairs_Karl_Ko_Photography123

The idea was to take the concept of an Indian fusion wedding, which is very common here in the Bay Area, and approach it from a different angle.  Specifically, a Western angle. Since none of the vendors involved were native to Indian or South Asian weddings, we would rely on our working knowledge of this sect of the industry, and bring our “western” ideas into this magical and colorful world laden with steep traditions.

Wildflower_Linen_Divine_Affairs_Karl_Ko_Photography 236 Wildflower_Linen_Divine_Affairs_Karl_Ko_Photography 362 Wildflower_Linen_Divine_Affairs_Karl_Ko_Photography 229Wildflower_Linen_Divine_Affairs_Karl_Ko_Photography 168Wildflower_Linen_Divine_Affairs_Karl_Ko_Photography43



Venue: Mountain Winery

Planning & Design: Divine Affairs Event Design

Photography: Karl Ko Photography

Table Linens and Chair Cover Rentals: Wildflower Linen

Florists: Three Sisters Florists

Hair & Makeup: Beauty Mark Ink Professional Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

Wedding Fashions: Sagar Exclusive

Cinematography: Grover Films

Mehndi Artist: Monica Patel


This lovely video from Grover Films documented the shooting day.




Tandoori Fuchsia Table Linen



Milano Red Chair Sleeve

Elizabeth Crystal Napkin Ring

Elizabeth Crystal Napkin Ring


Wine Country Napa Valley Wedding

May 20th, 2014

Today’s wedding features lovely images from a vineyard wedding at the Trentadue Winery in Geyserville, CA!  To view more about this event and its inspirations, view the full story on Ceci Style Magazine!  This is a perfect depiction of how a Wine Country Napa Valley Wedding should be!


An excerpt from Ceci of Ceci New York.  During the planning stages, she met with Stephanie Cole and Sarah Drake of Cole Drake Events to finalize colors and grab inspiration from our Wildflower Linen table linen designs.

While we were building their pretty new site, Cole Drake Events was also busy planning stylish Wine Country weddings, including this week’s Ceci Bride Lyn’s uber-romantic vineyard affair. I designed Lyn’s invitation with the Napa theme in mind, using plenty of purple (reminiscent of red wine) and hand-drawn grapevine details. This set the tone for an ultra-chic wedding reception where guests dined beneath the vines at a dramatic banquet table complete with lush textured linens, flowers and candlelight designed by Cole Drake Events.


Take a look at these lovely images of Lyn and Andrew’s wedding taken by photographer, Shannon Stellmacher.




Event Team Credit:

Planner: Sarah Drake: Cole Drake Events

Venue: Trentadue Winery

Table Linens and Chair Cover Rentals: Wildflower Linen

Invitations: Ceci New York

Photographer:  Shannon Stellmacher

Florist: Jessica Switala, Fleurs de France

Catering: Park Avenue Catering

Cake: Perfect Endings

Rentals: Classic Party Rentals



One of our most popular chair covers is called our Diana Chair Cover Collection.  With its ruffles and bustled dress feel with rhinestone accent, this chair covers add the perfect fullness and elegant charm to any wedding décor.  When using these chair covers, you can simplify the table linens and color so that the chair covers can make the statement.   In this wedding, crinkle taffeta table linens in champagne were used to add just the right amount of texture and complimentary color to the decor.  See other Diana Chair Cover Colors below!

Crinkle_Taffeta_Champagne_L300 Iridescent_Taffeta_Stardust_Diana_Chair_cover_cc300

Iridescent_Taffeta_Stardust_Diana_Chair_cover_cc300 Iridescent_Taffeta_Olive_Diana_Chair_Cover_cc300 Iridescent_Taffeta_Turquoise_Diana_Chair_Sleeve_cc300 Iridescent_Taffeta_Aqua_Marine_Diana_Chair_Cover_cc300  Iridescent_Taffeta_Eggplant_Diana_Chair_Cover_cc300 Iridescent_Taffeta_Lavender_Diana_Chair_Sleeve_cc300 Iridescent_Taffeta_Lavendar_Diana_Chair_Cover_cc300 Dupioni_Silk_Lt_Blue_Diana_Chair_Cover_cc300  Iridescent_Taffeta_Light_Pink_Diana_Chair_Cover_cc300 Vintage_Lace_Sugarplum_Diana_Chair_Cover_cc300 Iridescent_Taffeta_Ivory_Diana_Chair_Cover_cc300 Iridescent_Taffeta_White_Diana_Chair_Cover_cc300 Chantilly_Lace_Black_Diana_Chair_Cover_cc300 Matte_Satin_Red_Diana_Chair_Cover_cc300 Iridescent_Taffeta_Merlot_Diana_Chair_Cover_cc300 Dupioni_Silk_Burnt_Orange_Diana_Chair_Cover_cc300 Matte_Satin_Rio_Maize_Diana_Chair_Cover_cc300


Blue Summer Beach Wedding Themed Shoot at the Millennium

May 12th, 2014

Words can’t describe the breathtaking backdrop of this fun and vibrant blue summer beach wedding themed shoot at the Millennium Scottsdale Resort & Villas in Arizona!

Wildflower Linen Chiffon Velvet Blue Beach Wedding 1

Styled by Debbie Kennedy of Debbie Kennedy Events & Design, the tablescape using our Wildflower Linen Chiffon Velvet Blue Topaz table linen overlays  added just the right amount of vibrant color against the neutral and soft palette of the table décor.


Chiffon Velvet Blue Topaz Table Linen Overlay

This shoot is a featured story  in Arizona’s Finest Wedding Sites and Services Magazine CWLIFE Photography captures Debbie’s great attention to detail, passions about her clients and vendor relations and her upbeat and fun vision in these great images below!

Wildflower Linen Chiffon Velvet Blue Beach Wedding 3

Wildflower Linen Chiffon Velvet Blue Beach Wedding 4

Wildflower Linen Chiffon Velvet Blue Beach Wedding 12

Wildflower Linen Chiffon Velvet Blue Beach Wedding 13

Wildflower Linen Chiffon Velvet Blue Beach Wedding 14

Wildflower Linen Chiffon Velvet Blue Beach Wedding 6Wildflower Linen Chiffon Velvet Blue Beach Wedding 11

Wildflower Linen Chiffon Velvet Blue Beach Wedding 15Wildflower Linen Chiffon Velvet Blue Beach Wedding 10

Wildflower Linen Chiffon Velvet Blue Beach Wedding 7

Wildflower Linen Chiffon Velvet Blue Beach Wedding 8



Designer & Event Planner –  Debbie Kennedy Events & Design

Table Linens – Wildflower Linen

Cake and Baked Goods – Designer Cakes By April

Florals – Flowers by Jodi

Venue – Millennium Scottsdale Resort & Villas, Arizona

Photography – CWLIFE Photography


Bold Floral Print Table Linens for Spring

May 6th, 2014

The bigger, the bolder, the better… that’s what we’re hearing about one of our latest Wildflower Linen bold floral print table linens that are perfect for Spring and Summer Events!  From Tea Parties and Spring Weddings to Galas hosting 1,000 guests, these linens add the perfect backdrop for a touch of feminine décor!


(Image by Cean One Photography)

The collection we’re spotlighting is our Caprice Table Linens.  Over 1o0 of these delightful floral patterned table linens were recently used for the Children’s Star Gala in Minnesota (read more about this event below)!  With their 10 inch diameter florals and six gorgeous colors to choose from, these bold prints are truly a great focal point to any wedding or event!  Make sure to check out our other Bold Print Patterns below also showcased below!!

Caprice_Blush_L300 Caprice_Blush_Reverse_L300

Caprice_Mango_L300 Caprice_Mango_Reverse_L300

Caprice-Brown-Reverse-s300 Caprice-Brown-s300

(From Left to Right: Caprice Blush, Caprice Blush Reverse, Caprice Mango, Caprice Mango Reverse, Caprice Brown Reverse, Caprice Brown)

Below is more information about the Children’s Star Gala produced and designed by our friend Ryan Hanson from BeEvents.  The beautiful images from the event were taken by Lauren B Photography and Wendy Zins.


star gala

In its 23rd year, Children’s Star Gala was an inspiring evening of stories, dinner, dancing, and silent and live auctions to raise funds to support Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota and the Midwest Fetal Care Center.

This year, proceeds from Children’s Star Gala will support their fetal care program. Children’s has a proud history caring for babies around the region, including those most fragile due to prematurity and other congenital conditions. Thanks to their deep bench of clinical experts – neonatologists, geneticists and specialty surgeons just to name a few – they’ve delivered some of the best outcomes in the country while keeping a close eye on what’s next to improve care. Now, thanks to advances in fetal medicine, they are able to detect, diagnose and treat potential problems before a baby is born – including, where necessary, fetal surgery.  Imagine the possibilities.

Together with the generous sponsors, donors, attendees and volunteers, they helped raised $2.1 million for the Midwest Fetal Care Center.

Wildflower Linen _ BeE_StarGala 111 - CopyWildflower Linen Floral Print Brown Linen BeE_StarGala 097 - CopyWildflower Linen Floral Print Pink Linen BeE_StarGala 075 - CopyWildflower Linen Floral Print Pink Linen BeE_StarGala 068 - CopyWildflower Linen Floral Print Brown Linen _WJZ_5311 Wildflower Linen _ SAJ_2575 Wildflower Linen_SAJ_2571



Here are some additional bold print patterned table linens that have made a statement this past year!

Hanae Ivory Floral Print Table Linen Hanae Silver Floral Print Table Linen (Photo by Barnett Photography)


Opera Blue Circle Pattern Table LinenOpera Blue Circle Pattern Table Linen


King Lavender Circle Pattern Table LinenKing Lavender Circle Pattern Table Linen (Photo by Gene Higa Photography)


Carrington Platinum Wave Pattern Table LinenCarrington Platinum Wave Pattern Table Linen (Photo by Sedona Bride Photography)


Camilla Silver Floral Pattern Table LinenCamilla Silver Floral Pattern Table Linen (Photo by Joy Marie Photography)